FAQs / Forms

How do I set up a showing?

Please call the Mint Properties leasing office at 612-429-1071 to learn about our current availabilities and set up a showing.  We can schedule showings Monday-Thursday from 11AM-6PM and Friday-Saturday from 10AM-5PM.  We do not offer walk-up appointments.

How do I apply for an apartment?

Once you see an apartment, you will have the opportunity to apply for it at your showing or in our office.  We require an application fee of $45 and a pre-lease deposit of $500 to hold the apartment through the application process.  You will need to have both payments in cash, check, or money order at the time you apply.

Once you submit your application, application fee, and prelease deposit, we will fax your application to our screening service, Tenant Check, to run a background check.  We use the Tenant Check application, which is available to print online.  You can also fill out the application in our office.

Is the pre-lease deposit refundable?

If your application is denied, the prelease deposit is refunded within seven days of denial.

If your application is approved and you sign a lease with us, the pre-lease deposit becomes the security deposit.

If your application is approved, but you decide not to move in, we will keep the pre-lease deposit.

Is the application fee refundable?

The application fee of $45 per applicant is non-refundable, because it goes toward the cost of running a background check.

How long does it take to process an application?

It can take up to six business days to process your application. In some cases that can be expedited. We will notify you by phone whether your application has been approved or denied.

Does Mint Properties participate in the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program?

Yes, we do!  If you have further questions about the rental process with a Section 8 voucher, please call our leasing office at 612-429-1071.

Does Mint Properties accept vouchers or letters of guarantee from other subsidy organizations?

We are able to work with many, but not all, subsidy organizations.  If you are working with a subsidy organization and are interested in applying for an apartment with Mint Properties, please call our leasing office at 612-429-1071.

Do you lease houses or duplexes?

No, we only lease apartments, though we have a variety of sizes and layouts in our portfolio.

Do you have any furnished apartments?

No, we only lease unfurnished apartments.

Does Mint Properties allow pets?

Cats and small, caged animals are allowed in all buildings with no pet rent or pet deposit. No more than three cats are allowed in any apartment.  Dogs are allowed as pets at select Mint Properties buildings. For ESA or Service animals, please complete a Reasonable Accommodation Form.

What are Mint Properties’ rental requirements?

Please see our Application Info Sheet for information regarding our application process and rental requirements.

How long or short can my lease term be?

Our standard lease term is twelve months.  We offer lease terms between three and twelve months, and the monthly rent is five dollars more per month less than twelve. For example, a $1,000/month apartment costs $1,015/month on a nine-month lease.

After the initial lease term, all leases automatically become month-to-month with a two-month notice.

How can I save money on rent in the Stevens Square neighborhood?

If you are a resident of the Stevens Square neighborhood, you can save up to $225 on rent every month by volunteering in your community through the Stevens Square Community Organization!  How? Go to stevenssquare.org/rentdiscount, or call 612-438-8604 to sign up.

Please note: this discount is only available for residents of Mint Properties who reside in the Stevens Square neighborhood of Minneapolis. The credit is applied to the current resident’s account once we receive confirmation from SSCO of the time spent volunteering.

Can I add or remove a roommate? Can someone take over my lease?

Lease takeovers and roommate adds, swaps and removals are allowed with management’s approval.  In order to remove someone from a lease, management may request proof of income from the remaining resident(s) to verify that the income requirement is still met.  If you want to make any changes to the leaseholders at your apartment, please call the rental office at 612-374-3339 to go over the process in detail.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

No. Smoking in your apartment, or anywhere in a Mint Properties building, is a direct violation of your lease. Please be respectful of your neighbors and avoid smoking near open windows.

How much notice do I have to give when I want to move out?

Our standard lease requires a two-month notice to vacate, and our leases always end at noon on the last day of the month.  This means your notice to vacate must be received in writing two months prior to the last day of the month during which you intend to move out.

Please keep in mind that, according to the Mint Properties Lease Addendum, there is a $300 penalty for giving your notice to vacate effective December 31st or January 31st of any year.  This is due to the natural slow-down of the rental market during Minnesota winters.

Does Mint Properties offer a referral credit?

We offer a $100 referral credit to current residents.  The prospective resident must tell Mint Properties who referred them before signing their lease.  The credit is applied to the current resident’s account once the new resident signs a lease with Mint Properties.

Can I pay my rent online?

Yes! If you are a current Mint Properties resident and would like to pay rent online, please call the office at 612-374-3339 to request instructions on how to set up your online resident portal.

What forms of payment can I use to pay rent?

While our office is closed to in-person services, during business hours and outside of them, you can leave a check or money order in our secure drop-box (no cash payments are allowed in the drop-box).  You may also mail a check, but keep in mind that we must receive your payment in our office by the 5th of the month to avoid a late fee.

If you pay through your online resident portal, you can pay with a credit or debit card or by direct withdrawal from a bank account.

How do I submit a maintenance request?

Call the Mint Properties office at 612-374-3339 or submit a maintenance request through your online resident portal.

What is considered emergency maintenance?

Maintenance emergencies include issues with heat, water leaks, electrical failures, and any issue related to life-safety.

How do I submit an emergency maintenance request?

Outside of business hours, call 612-374-3339 and press option three (maintenance emergency option). Your call will be automatically forwarded to a call center. Follow their prompts to be connected to a person you can relay your maintenance emergency to. If it is a true maintenance emergency, they will dispatch a tech to your apartment.  IF THERE IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY, FIRE, OR BREAK-IN, CALL 911.

During business hours, call 612-374-3339 and follow the prompts to speak with a property manager.